Don’t Forget the Olive Oil!

Olive OilThis week I was in the kitchen "multi-tasking": making dinner (The Mrs. Capranica Spaghetti–mine is not true Italian because I have a different ethnic heritage than the Capranica name might lead you to believe but the true Italian in the family will eat it!), washing dishes, catching up on the day's news, and getting ready for Bret to come home.

Now, here's the piece of advice from My Villa Kitchen to your's: Don't forget the Olive Oil in the Spaghetti noodles! It's keeps them separated from eachother. It's a must in any Italian kitchen. I did not learn that on my own I must confess but my husband taught me!

So back to the multi-tasking story…when all of the sudden I began to lose my control over the various tasks I was trying to accomplish: something was starting to burn, the news switched off and was blaring those horrible commericals, and I realized that I had not stirred the pasta since dropping it in. This was going to be a nightmare in the kitchen. By the Lord's grace, it has been a long time since I've had a nightmare in the kitchen. But here we were…as I went to stir the pasta I was pleasantly surprised…the olive oil did it's magic. No noddles stuck together in a big clump. And with a little bit of creative work I had the "roasted pepper" spaghetti sauce back under control and the kitchen cleaned and the tv muted just as my dearest walked in the door~

Remember, don't forget the olive oil.

From my villa to yours~

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  1. Have you made stromboli yet? It is a great (though quite fattening) Italian dish that I know Bret likes. If you want the recipe, let me know.

    Great blog, btw. Glad you’ve joined the blogging community. It is quite addicting!

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