I Got the Husband to Go to Shakespeare

Yes, it did happen! And he liked it!!!

On the last night of our recent Louisville trip, Bret and I went to an outdoor free Shakespeare play in Central Park of downtown Louisville.

We saw As You Like It…And I’m thrilled to say we both really liked it.

One of the neatest aspects of an outdoor play in that area of the country was the lightening bugs which lit up after the sun went down. You could look out over the park and see little lights all over.

Husbands can enjoy Shakespeare too!

From My Villa to Yours~

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The Landscaper of the Villa

Front of House Landscaped

Please check out the link to the right called “The Tuscany Inspired Villa” as I’ve placed a few new pictures of my handiwork. One of reasons I didn’t blog in June was that I took on the role of gardener: digging, planting, mulching–you name it and I do it! Bret got the sprinkler system up and running and I took over the rest of the jobs! It was really fun and I’m glad it’s getting closer to being done. We still have about 25 major projects to do on the outside but a villa-owners work is never done!

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.” Colossians 3:23-24

What a joy to serve the Lord Christ in my villa (no matter what the chore!). Hope you’re doing the same in your villa.

From my villa to yours~

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Louisville and Back

This past week Bret and I spent in Louisville, KY. What a time! I’ve never been to that area of the country and was very impressed with it. We had a wonderful time (we’ll me in particular as this was a vacation for me but a full 9 days of class for Bret!) meeting new people, fellow-shipping with Bret’s classmates and other Christians we met while there, seeing the beautiful town of Louisville and especially the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where Bret is getting his Doctorate, Lord-willing.

I met up with a wonderful lady who is a niece of one of our own church members who took me everywhere in Louisville I could want to go and even outside of Louisville. We hit the infamous restaurants, such as Lynn’s Paradise Cafe filled with the oldest and craziest lamps and psychedelic colors on the walls, tables and menus, toured the old Civil-war forts and railways, cemeteries, and towns, like Fort Duffield and Cave Hill Cemetery, and the highlight stopped at Sonic so I could indulge in a Route 44 Cherry Limeade!

One day we went to Ft. Knox and saw the Gold Bullion Depository. The don’t allow visitors but the Patton Museum does. So I took one for the team and visited the Patton Museum (which had many tanks and a few items on General Patton) in Bret’s stead. My girlfriend and most-gifted tour-guide, Karen, waited in the car for me at the Patton Museum so when I walked in by myself the nice army man at the entrance questioned me as to what I was doing there. He couldn’t believe that a single woman was willingly entering the Patton Museum without being drug in by her husband. I kindly told him that my husband was in school working and I was doing the tour for him! That was pretty funny! Here are some tanks that were outside the museum. There were probably 40 inside from years gone by!

Tanks at Patton

I also got a chance to walk the grounds and old house from the late 1700s located right on the Ohio river. It was delightful. Here’s me on the balcony overlooking the Ohio River.

Kelly at a Plantation in Louisville
Each day I would be on my own to read and play sometimes meeting up with Bret for lunch. But each evening we would meet up and have dinner with the guys from Bret’s cohort. What a fun evening we had  every night. Here’s one picture in front of The Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Louisville of the guys.

Bret & Cohort in Louisville

Someday soon these four men will be Doctors! Pretty impressive to have dinner with four almost doctors each night of a vacation, huh?

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is an absolutely beautiful campus. Infact a few days of the vacation I spent almost the entire day on a bench under a tree on the quad enjoying the sun, the birds singing, the large trees, beautiful buildings, and a great biography of William Tyndale (English Bible translator!).

This is one of four buildings that overlooked the quad. What a sight!

Seminary Bulding

So now we’re back from Louisville and glad to be in our own villa again! Great time overall and a blessing from the Lord not only that we both got to go this time but that this is Bret’s last class to complete his degree. Now he has the next year and one-half to work on his project before graduating. It’s going to be exciting!

From my villa to yours~

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