Some women journal to be creative…some mural

My dear girlfriend, Virginia, and I did something very creative recently: it’s called muraling! And it was so fun! I don’t know if I would call it a stress reliever as we really are not very stressed! Here’s our mural:


The mural is on the wall in my kitchen in a little niche.


We put an image that we like on the wall with a projector.

We traced the image and rough lines.

We used latex paints to fill in the lines and added more color to give it a layered look!

Finally we added the stone work edging.

Today I put the second coat of poly-covering over it to keep the colors fresh and stains off of it.

By the way, I also must give credit to a wonderful, patient 3 year old, Drake, who helped Mommy & Mrs. Kelly paint. Here’s the mural team plus the 3 year old cheerleader:


What a fun & creative time! Bret and I now enjoy our meals looking out into a Tuscany countryside!

From my villa to yours~

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  1. This mural is soooo good, I had to change where I sit at the table so I can look at it better. What an excellent job you did!

  2. The mural looks great!! I am impressed and can’t wait to see it and also your home. Love you!!!!

  3. Dearest mother – we would LOVE for you to come see our house too. Matter of fact, December would be a good time – why don’t you bring the tribe out here for Christmas – MUCH warmer 🙂

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