Preaching to 4, 5 & 6 year olds…

100_0071.JPGI love to teach children. I had not done it regularly until about 5 years ago and now I can’t get enough of it!

Normally on Saturday night I’m finishing up my sermon ( My dearest, the real preacher in the family taught me how to study the Bible and teach it expositionally so I call it my sermon–even thought my listeners cannot read yet!) but tonight I don’t have to because our Pastor of Student Ministries and I are team teaching a review tomorrow of the entire Bible—YES, I did say the entire Bible. It’s actually a great day of celebration as we have been teaching book by book through the Old and New Testament for the past 3-1/2 years and just finished up our last lesson in the book of Revelation (the kids rightly call it “the Revelation of Jesus”) last week.

Who said that children can’t learn about the seven-eyed and seven-horned vision of the heavenly Jesus Christ, or Peter’s vision of the animals in the sheet coming down from heaven, or the Lord Jesus being whipped and beaten and killed on a cross as a substitution for us, or the prophet Elijah complaining under a tree or the destruction of Sodom, or the covenant with Abraham and his sacrifice of Isaac, or the tower of Babel or the fall of Adam & Eve? If you’ve said children can’t sit still and listen to the Bible taught for 30 minutes, you need to come and visit our church, especially tomorrow.

TOMORROW: We are going to start in the book of Genesis with the Creator and His creation and take our 40 or so kids ranging from age 4 to 14 from the great beginning through Exodus, Deuteronomy, the Judges & Kings & Major & Minor Prophets into Matthew and Acts and finally end with Revelation. This will be longer than our normal lesson and go for about 45-50! Wow! It’s going to be great!

And truly, the most amazing thing of it all is that our children are “getting it:” not that God has a special plan for their lives but that He is true, right, good, and great and that He has a Son, the Lord Jesus, who is worthy to be loved and worshipped because He paid the penalty for their sin. I continue to pray that some day these children will all love the Lord God and His Son, the Lord Christ, with not just a little part of them but with all their hearts so that they would live for the reason God created them to live: for His glory and honor now on this earth and forever in the beautiful and holy place called Heaven!

I soon will begin the whole Bible over again as our preaching schedule will start back up again in January with the first chapter in Genesis. Lord-willing we’ll make it through the whole Bible again in another 3-1/2 years unless the Lord returns…Come, Lord Jesus!

From my villa to yours~

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