Breaking News: We got a Baby Girl in our Home!!

Brie Day One at our House

We’ll I’m excited to say the least! Yesterday we welcomed Brie into our home!

Brie is 19 days old and a treasure from the Lord to us. If it’s His pleasure we hope to adopt her soon!

Her first day at our house was BUSY (she’s going to fit right in with Bret & I). She was hospitable and socialable all day long as Great-grandparents & family members from our church dropped in to welcome her.

Here are some shots of the day!

First things, FIRST: her first Blogging session with Dad!

Her first blog session with Dad

Brie & I calling everyone we know to share the good news & inviting them over to see her!!

Brie and Mom telling everyone we know to come over & see her

Great-grandparents, Mary & Ed, stop by to get a good look at her!

Great-grandparents get a good look at her!

Brie gets to meet her new pastors!

Meeting her PastorsB

Meeting some new friends, the Addisons, who bought her a wipes warmer, which she loves!!!

Meeting Some New friends who brought her a wipes warmer–which she loves!!

Wow! What a day and night! She did well, Dad did well, Mom didn’t do so well! I’m so excited I can’t sleep! I’m sure when you have an infant nap times are totally called for! Lord willing I’ll get one today!

With thankfulness and praise to God for His sweet provision to us,

From My expanding villa to yours~ Kelly

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  1. Congratulations to you both – Kelly and Bret!

    She is so beautiful! We are praising the Lord with you and sending our love – Darlene and Phil

  2. Praise God! I’m so happy for you both. She is an absolutely precious gift from the Lord! I love you to pieces and if you need any help, in any way, I will be over there in a heartbeat! :o)

  3. AAAWWW! Thanks for posting our picture with Brie. I’m so glad she likes the warm wipes. I’m sure when you went “shopping” for her registry, you found there to MANY things we all never knew they made for babies. I’ll tell you, one of the most out-there sites is Everything is horribly expensive but so much fun to look at and get ideas for cheaper versions. Welcome to MommyHood…you’ll be one of the best 😉

    Much Love,

  4. Kelly & Bret – I met you a few years ago in Peoria – I am Larry’s 1st cousin – Andy and Charlie (my dad) are brothers. I congratulate you on your beautiful addition – I was looking up the Capranica print you use on your website – I just ordered it for our home and noticed your news.

    How wonderful for you – may God bless you all!!! My husband Terry & I were in Florida last month and stopped by to see Eda, Carol and Uncle Andy. We had a great visit. Tell your Dad (Larry) I say hello and that we are all doing well.

    Again – congratulations!!!!

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