Finally a chance to post because we’re on vacation!

What a whirlwind and joyful time the past two months have been as the Lord granted us Brie. We have had so much fun with her!! I knew parenting would be wonderful but not this good! She is such a joy and brings so much joy and laughter to our lives and our home! Here are a few fun pictures of her and us on our vacation. I’ve finally had the chance to write on the blog since we’ve been on vacation.


Can you tell we’re on vacation?? We’re just getting ready to go on a beach walk. Her first walk on the beach and she loved it.

Here’s the sunset. What a beauty it was. This family behind us on the log were trying to avoid the waves but a big one came and splashed them! It was pretty funny! We successfully avoided the water!


Here are some pictures from the past two months:

Brie’s first Sunday at church:


A month later dressed up for Church (I never thought I would like dressing a girl so much!!)


One of our favorite things to do each week is go for a walk. We’ve got a great stroller from our dear friends Karen and Georgie and I got Brie some cool sunglasses!


And much of the last two months has been filled with visits from Family! What a joy that has been!

Auntie Courty who came to visit at our home!


Auntie Allie (at the Shower my family threw for us in Ventura at Cousin Kathy’s house)


Capranica Grandparents came all the way from Amarillo, Texas to visit Brie! And we had to take them to our favorite restaurant by the beach: Gladstones!


There are a few pictures and a slight history on what’s been going on in our villa over the past two months! I’ll try to post more as I still have half of my vacation left!

From my villa to yours~

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