Pining Away

We’ll Brie and I are pining away for our dearest as he’s in the Mother Land at the Southern Baptist Convention…

But never fear, we don’t just sit around all day and twiddle our thumbs.


tried bananas today for the first time and didn’t throw it all up all over me, which was a major accomplishment. I’m feeding her in her swing until she gets a little bit bigger and can sit up in the highchair her friend, Drake gave her.


She ate about 10 bites of bananas and seemed to enjoy them. And I enjoyed celebrating this new stage in her life…



also did a few things today! Whenever Bret goes away I try to get as many “projects” completed as possible. This week’s projects include: replanting all our dead plants, painting and putting up picture frames in the hall way and catching up with the ironing! I made some head way tonight. Here’s a few pictures to prove I wasn’t pining…


I transplanted the two green flax from the front yard to the back and put in a large queen palm! And put two cypress in buckets to accent the Villa’s back yard!

Now here is where the work really began…


This is what is left of our once beautiful banana tree! I dug the whole thing out as it froze this winter and died and then resprouted a bunch of little (and ugly) stalks. So, I worked off the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had for lunch by digging up this baby. I was tired and it was getting dark so I plan to clean up the mess tomorrow!

Pining away at my villa~

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  1. Pining Away! LOL – you did such a great job with the plants! Can’t wait to see them with you. What a cute ‘lil babe you got to feed today. I got you both a little gift today too – can’t wait to give it to you. Miss you and love you. B

  2. Sounds like a very productive day! One of these days I’m going to work in my yard, but I have so much to do in the house right now.

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